Reconnect to Nature ProgrammeActivities

Sustainable Geek

We have developed a great set of tools to get young people curious about what’s behind digital devices. Ready to learn in an unusual way about technology and its effects?

Green To Know

With these activities you can think in a practical way about the circular economy and digital devices. What can you do with old devices? Let’s investigate!

Green Detective

With this set of activities, you will learn how to become a real green detective… Have fun!

Green Activist

We have developed a series of tools to take the first steps as a green activist. Don’t stop experimenting and get noticed!

The Good Gardener

Any problem? No problem at all! With these activities you will learn strategies to solve them.

Green Networker

With Call2Nature we have learned a great truth: you can’t achieve anything alone! Networks and partnerships are crucial. With these activities you can support young people like you.


Bettering the use of smartphones in youth towards environmental protection

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Project No: 2022-1-IT03-KA220-YOU-000085032

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